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Historic Haunted Chico tours encompass more than spooky ghost stories, the tours are also about the discovery of our 150 year past.

The City of Chico was founded by General John Bidwell, a member of the first covered wagon trains to California, Bidwell was one of the first prospectors who discovered gold on the Feather River. This discovery prompted the California gold rush.

Chico California is many things: Absolutely gorgeous, historically fascinating, and full of Old West charisma.

But there's a harrowing, dark side to this sassy city, as well. Tales of aggravated spirits, haunted homes, cemeteries, and things that go bump in the night.

Whether it’s the ghosts of the native Maidu Indians, Chinese slave workers or the numerous unsolved mysteries that linger, Chico has more than its fair share of ghosts, both of the famous and not-so-famous varieties.
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4th and Main Street
Enloe Hospital
Tales of mystery, folklore and rumors, haunt, Historic Downtown Chico
Haunted Historic Chico Tours

Haunted Historic Chico Tours
TOURS BEGIN            FEBRUARY 2016             


•  Our Tours start out with a short film, regarding the Historic Haunting’s in Chico. Then we take you on a
   walking tour of where the haunting’s have occurred over the past 150 years.  The tour is approximately 
   60 TO 90 minutes long, and will be full of fun, entertainment and possibly some paranormal fright.
•  We encourage you to bring cameras and your ghost hunting equipment, you never know what may lurk
    around a corner of our Historic Haunted streets.
•  If you decide to take the stroll with us in the downtown area, you might have an unexplained chill go
   through you, as the hair on the back of your neck stand on end, no this is not your imagination, this is
   Haunted Chico.
Haunted Historic Chico Tours
Entertain and excite you with our knowledge of old west history, folklore and rumors. We will share with you, the alleged haunting’s that have occurred over the past 150 years, and we will make sure everyone is having a great time, skeptics and believers alike.
Our protocol regarding sharing a story with you is this,
There must be at least reliable  sources with the same story, which have never met, yet have had the same haunting experiences over the years. All stories are researched by our team, to verify as much as historically possible or relevant to our tour. The stories must be mysterious, strange, terrifying or interesting enough to share with you.